Back at it…

It always feels good to come back to work! LOL It feels like I run just as hard when I’m at home, as I do while I’m at work. The only difference is that when I’m at work, I can get rest as the government demands. While I’m at home, everyone pulls me in a … More Back at it…

Updates 2017

So much has happened since I posted here last. David is no longer getting help from the VA, and we are driving separate trucks. Liza and I have our truck, and David has his. We do still drive for Holland Enterprises and miles have been really good! My laptop has had some issues, but then … More Updates 2017

2016 Updates

David and I have been running our butts off!! If those wheels aren’t turnin, we aren’t earnin! LOL Life has been a little cray cray for a while now. David and I are working very hard on making better/healthier choices out on the road. Read- Mama gained more weight than she realized and wants to … More 2016 Updates


David and I made it home on Tuesday morning around 5am. Luckily my Mom and Dad get up around that time to get ready for work. My brother, Micheal, just happened to be in for Deer season. We came home, I took care of the dog and I went to go visit with my family! … More Hometime


I know that I haven’t posted in quite a while, but we’ve been running pretty hard and also making some personal changes that have demanded a lot of time. We have been hauling butt! If anyone out there reading this is a truck driver looking for a new company, we have lots of miles here … More Updates!