David and I made it home on Tuesday morning around 5am. Luckily my Mom and Dad get up around that time to get ready for work. My brother, Micheal, just happened to be in for Deer season. We came home, I took care of the dog and I went to go visit with my family! David, of course, went straight to bed. He can be a real fuddy dud from time to time.

About the time that I decided to come home and wind down, David woke up and wanted to start unloading the truck, so we started working on that. We didn’t get very far before we both realized just how hungry we were. We took a “break” and had lunch at West Side Grill. Lunch was good, as it always is there. Then headed back to our house, where we didn’t accomplish much!

Wednesday was all of David’s appointments at the VA, so that was a busy fun filled day. After his appointments, we went to Hefner’s Furniture to look for dressers because mine is too small for both of us. We decided on a whole bedroom set once we saw the prices of just individual sets. It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow, so I can post pictures in a different post.

Today is Thursday, no plans. My Mom hung out with us for the morning, we cleaned up the kitchen a bit, but I had a really bad headache and felt like I’d been punched square between the eyes, so I chilled out in the recliner. I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon, but I feel better. I think my body is just being angry with me for pushing too hard. This evening I didn’t accomplish much either. Tomorrow and Saturday morning are going to be cram packed with work stuff to do.

Not a lot of interesting things going on, pretty standard run your butt off getting chores done hometime. We were supposed to go out with some friends, but our plans fell through. Holland also called and asked us to leave home early and swap with another driver so they could go home. It really sucks because I’d hoped we wouldn’t get loaded out until Monday, instead we have to be in Los Angeles Monday morning. Such is life I suppose!

Tomorrow  I’m getting my hair done! I have been waiting for this for sooooo long! LOL I love going to see Darcy! I’ll post pictures in another post.

I hope you guys are staying sane out there!

Stay Safe, and keep it shiny side up!


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