2016 Updates

David and I have been running our butts off!! If those wheels aren’t turnin, we aren’t earnin! LOL Life has been a little cray cray for a while now. David and I are working very hard on making better/healthier choices out on the road. Read- Mama gained more weight than she realized and wants to fix it!!

I started this as a “Trucking Beauty” blog, but it has quickly made me realize that running teams isn’t really going to allow me the time I really need to play with makeup and clean the makeup mess, and drive all my hours and my part of the miles. I do play with makeup when I’m home, but lately, we’ve had our hometimes scheduled down to the minute to try to get everything accomplished. I hate adulting!

David and I are starting a whole new chapter in life and it’s going to be very time consuming…but rewarding if all goes to plan. We have started a trucking health page and plan to chronicle our journey with this lifestyle change. There is a Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube, and eventually Instagram. We want to show truck drivers that even though it may be difficult, being healthy and losing weight is possible while out here on the road. We aren’t going to pull punches, and we aren’t going to hide our fails. We want to show what it really is out here.

This is going to be quite the learning experience. I’ve only ever posted 1 video on YouTube, and it was of our Bassett Hound Roscoe before we gave him to one of my grandma’s friends who has a farm (he wasn’t a very good truck dog for us). I’ve never edited a video in my life!! I rarely ever edit photos…..if anyone has advice, please share it!! No really, PLEASE!!

As I’m typing this, we’re trying to get our pages set up, and we don’t have any content up yet, but like I said, this is a new chapter, and I expect content will be flowing soon. We are waiting for a delivery here in Olney, Illinois. Walmart Distribution Centers won’t take you more than an hour early, so we’re hosed until 5pm. Then we get to go home!!! *insert happy dance* Having wifi at home will make everything easier, so more stuff will happen! OH YEAH!!

This weekend is our friend Sean’s birthday (monday technically) so we will be hanging out with him! Hi Sean!! Shenanigans will ensue! I’m sure of it!

I will update you as we go, feel free to check our new pages out!


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