Updates 2017

So much has happened since I posted here last. David is no longer getting help from the VA, and we are driving separate trucks. Liza and I have our truck, and David has his. We do still drive for Holland Enterprises and miles have been really good! My laptop has had some issues, but then again it is getting pretty old! LOL 

I would love to be better about posting on here. I’m hoping that it will be more convenient with the bluetooth keyboard I bought. This thing is awesome!! I realize that I’m pretty much just hitting the high spots, but shoot, I don’t even think anyone will read this. 

Yesterday my Grandpa passed away. He’d been having some issues, but he has always had some issues, so I guess we didn’t think it was too bad. He’d been in the hospital last month (I think) and they fixed his meds and sent him home. I still don’t know if he passed in his sleep, or what happened, but I figure now isn’t the time to ask Mom or Grams about that. I was in New York when Dad called to let me know what happened. It never happens when you’re close to home, only when you’re 1000 miles away, and really don’t have any means to get home. It is time for me to go home, so they’d had me scheduled to pick up a load to St. Louis anyhow. I won’t be able to make the funeral because of the delivery time though. I deliver at 0400 and the funeral is 5 hours south of there. It kinda sucks. That’s trucking for ya though. The good with the bad and all.

All right, I’m going to try to get some sleep, so that I can roll out and try to get home as quick as possible. I’m hoping that maybe I will get lucky and they can maybe push my delivery out long enough for me to get to my Grandpa’s funeral.


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