The Invasion Has Begun…

Memorial Day was the official start of summer…which means that the flood gates of vacationers has opened. Lord help us all! Hoards of extra people on the roads making already congested roads worse. Not to mention all of the people who rent campers and RVs but have no real idea how to drive them, or where to park them, or how to fuel them. Where do all of these people end up?! In the truck stops. Seriously people, I don’t have a choice on where to stop or fuel my truck. In a camper you can go anywhere!! Shoot, Walmart will let you park your dang camper for the night! God forbid a truck driver stop back by the docks and get some groceries.

To the people who stop at the truck matter what time of year it is…have some respect for the drivers. I say again, you all have choices, we really don’t. When your kids are running and screaming through the truck stop, all I can think is how my parents would’ve tanned my backside for acting like that. Not to mention, when I’m trying to use the bathroom in peace, and your screaming kid won’t shut up, or is trying to look under the door, or is banging on my door, or is asking why they have showers here….I really just want to scream!! I’ve only ever heard one Mom explain to her kid that the truck drivers deliver all the food and supplies for them, and we have to shower here because we’re far from home. Great Job Mom!! THANK YOU! Please remember, I don’t get to go home at the end of the night. That truck stop bathroom becomes my personal bathroom when I park. It’s supposed to be a safe place for me to rest and take care of myself.

In regards to the parking situation, if you aren’t paid to drive that thing, don’t park it in a truck stop! Parking out here is getting more and more difficult for us, and then at the end of the night when I’m exhausted, and your cute little camper is taking up a whole space, you’d better believe I’m trying to keep myself from getting out and yelling. Be grateful for my restraint.

I realize that this is a public blog page, and I hope that maybe, just maybe this reaches someone who isn’t a truck driver. I hope that it reaches one of the people that I’ve talked about. We, as truck drivers, get frustrated and this is real. This is a bit of a rant post, but it’s been a rough week at work. The holiday traffic was plain Stupid!!


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