Home Sweet Home!

My friend Lisa came and picked David and I up on Thursday 7/23. David and I came home and slept! LOL But not before we could go and get LIX Frozen Custard in Desloge. They just opened the Desloge store, and the quality is the same as the original! I took David back to Cuba, … More Home Sweet Home!


We were woke up early on Monday morning, well kinda, to a driver needing us to swap our empty trailer for their load going to Hebron Kentucky. I say kinda because, dispatch called David’s phone twice, and the driver had called once. We never heard the phone ring. It was the voicemail noise that woke … More Texas

Busy busy times

Hello all! I hadn’t posted anything for a few days because we were having to take split breaks in order to deliver a load on time. Split breaks suck! They make you tired, and I usually lose track of what day it is. As much as I dislike the rule, there are times it has … More Busy busy times